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• Guiyang Strives for Balance on Tourism and Ecosystem
Anticipated to be the next "Summer Resort City," Guiyang is rising in popularity. The capital city of southwest China's Guizhou Province has risen to the 23rd spot on the list of Chinese people's favorite cities, according to a survey by a research institution with National Tourism Bureau.
• Guiyang: Best Green City for Holding Conferences in China
Guiyang has received the award for the best green city for holding conferences at the third National Convention on Conference Industry.
• 'Green Development' in Huaxi
As the main area where the Eco-Forum Guiyang 2010 is held, Huaxi district, Guiyang City, is constructing a wetland park to preserve its original ecology.
• Ecological Construction Boosts Rural Tourism
Xifeng County, in southwest China's Guizhou Province, has attracted a vast number of tourists this hot summer through its great ecological attributes.
Scenic Spots
• Northern Guizhou: A Past Relived
• Mt. Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve in Guizhou
• A Snapshot from Guizhou --Sandu County
• A Snapshot from Guizhou -- Luodian County
• A Snapshot from Guizhou -- Longli County
• Beatuiful Nature Scenery in Guizhou
Culture and Entertainment
• Shui Books Face an Uncertain Future
• Traditional Dragon Dance Performed During Spring Festival
• Charity Concert Held in SW China for Haiti Quake
• Shui Ethnic People Make Puppet Tigers to Greet New Year
• Miao Ethnic Group Celebrate Tiaohua Festival
• Celebrities Drink in Culture
Live in Guiyang
• Paragliding Becomes Popular With Guiyang Youth
• Traditional Ethnic Wedding in SW China
• Garrison Communities: Living Relics of the Ming Dynasty
• The Good Life - Pursuit of leisure follows hard on economic success, and vice versa.
• Caohai International Bird-Viewing Festival Attracts Tourists
• Guiyang: Best Green City for Holding Conferences in China
• WB Loans Guizhou to Protect Local Cultural Heritage
• Tourism Bring Hope of Wealth to SW China's Ethnic Regions
• High-End Liquor Becoming Costlier
• ADB Funds Drinking Water Project in Guiyang
About Guiyang
The Salt of Chishui River
Luxuriant Land
Guiyang Opens Arms to Foreign Tourists
Charming Guiyang: China's Capital of Summer
• Guiyang Strives for Balance on Tourism and Ecosystem
• Empark Grand Hotel Guiyang Opens its Doors
• Guiyang Builds Multi-Billion Yuan Transport System
• Empark Grand Hotel Guiyang Opens its Doors
• 2nd China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week Opens in Guiyang
• Postal Service
• Telecommunications
• Afforestation
• Environmental Protection
• Gas Supply
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