Baidu Not Guilty for Providing Free Music Download Links
    2007-12-31 20:45:03, Inc. was judged to be not guilty for providing free music download links, winning lawsuits filed by A-list music companies including Sony and EMI.

The music companies' appeal lacks evidence and legal support, the Beijing News cited the final judgment of the Supreme Court.

In August 2005, seven music firms including Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group Corp. and EMI Group Plc filed cases against Baidu in the Beijing People's Intermediate Court, claiming that it has infringed their intellectual property rights.

Baidu, Chinese biggest online search engine, explained in previous court sessions that it offers search result lists of online MP3 downloads, rather than actual music downloading services.

In November 2006, the People's Intermediate Court turned down the petition, declaring that Baidu's service aims to give helpful information, which is not intellectual property rights infringement.

After that, five of the seven plaintiffs took the case to the Supreme Court, accusing Baidu of infringing their rights on online broadcasting.