The 43rd Taiwan's Golden Horse Film Awards
   2006-11-27 09:34:30

Best Cinematography   

ZHANG Li The Banquet (China / Hong Kong)   

Peter PAU - winner Perhaps Love (Hong Kong / China)   

Mark LEE Ping Bing After This Our Exile (Hong Kong)   

WANG Yu The Go Master (China)   

Best Visual Effects   

FOO Sing Choong - winner Silk (Taiwan)   

NG Yuen Fai Re-cycle (Hong Kong)   

HO Siu Lun, Pornpol Sakarin Perhaps Love (Hong Kong / China)   

Eddy WONG, Victor WONG A Chinese Tall Story (Hong Kong / China)   

Best Art Direction   

Tim YIP - winner The Banquet (China / Hong Kong)   

Narongchai Aunn-Jai Re-cycle (Hong Kong)   

YEE Chung Man, Pater WONG Perhaps Love (Hong Kong / China)   

Emi Wada, Etsuko Aikou The Go Master (China)   

Best Makeup & Costume Design   

Tim YIP - winner The Banquet (China / Hong Kong)   

YEE Chung Man, Dora NG Perhaps Love (Hong Kong / China)   

TU Hsu Chung After This Our Exile (Hong Kong)   

Emi Wada The Go Master (China)   

Best Action Choreography   

LING Chun Pong, WONG Chi Wai - winner Exiled (Hong Kong)   

Donnie YEN Dragon Tiger Gate (Hong Kong / China)   

Stephen TUNG, Farah KHAN Perhaps Love (Hong Kong / China)   

YUAN Woo Ping Huo Yuan Jia / Fearless (Hong Kong / China)   

Best Original Film Score   

TAN Dun The Banquet (China / Hong Kong)   

Peter KAM Silk (Taiwan)   

Peter KAM, Leon KO Perhaps Love (Hong Kong / China)   

LIM Giong - winner Do Over (Taiwan)   

Best Original Film Song   

Longing in Silence (from The Banquet) Lyric: anonymous, Song: TAN Dun, Singer: ZHOU Xun   

Crossroad (from Perhaps Love) - winner Lyric: Chris SHUM, Song: Leon KO, Singer: Takeshi Kaneshiro, ZHOU Xun   Urge (from Reflections) Lyric: Teresa Chang, Song: KbN, Singer: Teresa Chang   

Eternal Summer (from Eternal Summer)   

Best Film Editing   

CHEN Po Wen, Liu Chun-hsiu - winner Do Over (Taiwan)   

DU Yuan Crazy Stone (China)   

David Richardson Exiled (Hong Kong)   

Wenders LI, KONG Chi Leung(HKSE) Perhaps Love (Hong Kong China)   

Best Sound Effect   

Jadet Chawang Re-cycle (Hong Kong)   

Kinson TSANG Perhaps Love (Hong Kong / China)   

TU Du Chi,GUO Li Chi,KE Yi Jun - winner Amour- Legende (Taiwan)   

TU Duu Chih, TANG Shiang Chu I Don't Want To Sleep Alone (Taiwan)   

Formoz Film Award   

The Touch of Fate TLF Production Co, Ltd   

Do Over - winner Top Film Company, Leader Entertainment Company Ltd.   

Days on The Crosswalk National Taiwan University of Arts Department of Motion Picture   

Formoz Filmmaker Award   

KUO Lichi - winner   

PAN Zhi Yuan   

Berlin CHEN   

Lifetime Achievement Award   

Cheng Tzu-Fu (Taiwanese movie poster artist)   

Best Feature Film elected by the audiences - Exiled.   

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