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Unocal 'Almost Backed China Bid'
l Comments on CNOOC Withdraw 
    Energy expert  gave comments on the latest withdraw of CNOOC for the Unocal bid. 
l Nanjing Auto Denies Rumor 
    Nanjing Automobile has denied the rumor that it is attempting to sell its majority stake in MG Rover.
Review on Foreign Investment in the US 
Merger & Acquisition Rules in the US 
Going Global Strategy for Chinese Enterprises 
Huawei in Talks to Buy Marconi 
Comments on CNOOC Withdraw 
Breaking News: CNOOC Drops Bid 
CNOOC: No Bid Raising 
Nanjing Auto Denies Rumor 
SAIC to Challenge Rover over Failed Bid 
Chinese Carmaker Buys Rover 
CNOOC's Bid for Unocal Still Superior 
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Closed Deals
Nanjing AutoNanjing Automobile Buys MG Rover
    Nanjing Automobile Corp has bought the collapsed British automaker MG Rover Group. 
Lenovo-IBMThe Making of A Legend
    Lenovo's purchase of IBM's PC business is a landmark deal for Chinese companies to go international. 
Ceased Deals
SAICSAIC to Challenge Rover over Failed Bid
    SAIC is considering legal action to halt the sale of MG Rover to Nanjing Automotive. 
Haier-MaytagBidding for US White Goods Icon
    Haier's bidding target Maytag is a proud but struggling icon of the US white goods industry. 
CNOOC-UnocalA Pure Business
    CNOOC's US$18.5 billion bid to buy Unocal requires more effort to convince the American. 
M&A Movement
Unocal 'Almost Backed China Bid' 
CNOOC Insists of Not Raising Bid for Unocal 
Unocal Shareholders Reconsider Bid 
Unocal to Vote on CNOOC Bid in Aug 
US Gov't Urged to Stay Out of CNOOC Bid 
US to Review on CNOOC's Bid on Unocal 
Haier Raises Bid to $2.25b for Maytag 
Domestic Analysts
Merger Creates More Balanced Companies 
China Enterprises Merger Activity Going On 
CNOOC: Why is America Worried? 
CNOOC's Bid May Ease RMB's Pressure 
CNOOC Bid Testing Washington 
High Price Can't Assure CNOOC's Bid 
Overseas Analysts
Corporate China Aggressive in Overseas Acquisition 
Critics See Security Threat in Unocal Bid  
China Seeks Known Brands to Go Global 
Unocal, Maytag Bids May Buoy U.S. 
CNOOC's Unocal Bid May Benefit US 
Outbound M&A Deals to Stay Selective 
Reaction Mixed to CNOOC Bid 
Market Watch
HaierPenny Stock Hints At Haier's Global Ambitions 
MaytagMaytag Shares Rise as It Favors Haier Bid 
chevronAnalysts: Chevron Could Raise Unocal Bid 
CNOOCCNOOC Closes at Record on Oil Price 
IBMMicrosoft and IBM Resolve Antitrust Issues 
UnocalUnocal's 2Q Earnings & Production Outlook 
LenovoLenovo Announces 2004/05 Annual Results 
Company Statements
Maytag Press Releases 
Unocal News Releases 
CNOOC Ltd. Statements 
MG Rover
MG Rover 
Nanjing Auto
Nanjing Auto 
l Company of the Week 
l Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States 
l U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission 
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CNOOC Bids for Unocal!!  
Every time China is buying into the US, the American Panic!!!