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Central Bank
China Denies Further Appreciation of RMB
Central Bank to Adjust RMB Rate at "Proper Time" 
    China will adjust the float range of its currency exchange rate at proper time according to the market situation and economic and financial circumstances.
No More Yuan Moves Soon:  Economist 
Stronger RMB Boosts Steel Sector 
RMB Reform Boosts Bond Investment 
China's Yuan Sets Another Mark 
China Yuan May Benefit Canada 
PBOC Statement
PBOC on Reforming RMB Exchange Rate Regime 
Central Bank Statement on Yuan (Full Text) 
Exchange Rates in RMB
100 units of foreign currencies 08/05
USD  808.75           EUR  995.52
HKD  104.06           JPY  7.19
RMB News Timeline 
History of RMB Change Course 
Talk China 
Domestic Media
Central Bank Wants Stable Currency 
RMB Revaluation To Lift Property Prices 
China Denies Further Appreciation of RMB 
RMB Reform to Reduce Vietnam's Trade Deficit 
RMB Revaluation Unexpected but Just Right 
Yuan Move Won't Alter US Trade Gap 
EU Commission Hails RMB Change 
Japan Hails China's Currency Revaluation 
Foreign Media
Yuan Reform Builds Broad Latitude 
Yuan Revaluation Gets Mixed Reactions in Indonesia 
China's Exchange Rate Reforms to Trigger Further Progress 
Japan Business Lobby Hails RMB Change 
Yuan-Dollar Peg Loosened for First Time in a Decade 
China Severs Its Currency's Link to Dollar 
China Revalues Yuan by 2.1 Percent 
China's Central Bank Adjust RMB Exchange Rate 
Yuan Talk Before Revaluation
Yuan May Gain 7% by End-2005 
'Now is time' for China to Move on Yuan 
RMB: Not Cause of US Trade Deficit 
China Not Planning to Revalue Yuan 
No Timetable for Exchange Rate Reform 
RMB Exchange Rate Reform Needs Time 
Bush, US Senate Jerk up Pressure on Yuan 
Time for China to Ease Currency Peg 
Yuan Remains Stable as Forex Trade Surges 
U.S. Should Fix Own Problems: China 
No More Yuan Moves Soon:  Economist 
Exporters Worry about Yuan Revaluation 
Strong RMB Has Mixed Effect on Oil 
Hedge Fund Delays Yuan Convertibility 
RMB Rise Won't Affect Investment Much 
Give China Credit 
Yuan Reform Builds Broad Latitude 
RMB Reform to Reduce Vietnam's Trade Deficit 
'Impact of Stronger Yuan Will be Small' 
Yuan Appreciation Positive for Economy 
China Wieldd Leverage of Exchange Rates on Macro Economy 
Market Reaction
Yuan Hits 4th Straight High 
Dollar Extends Gains on Yuan News 
Dollar Stronger as Yen Loses China Luster 
Yen Declines on RMB Appreciation Limit 
Forex Trade Goes on Smoothly 
Dollar Little Changed Against Euro 
HK Dollar Remains Stable: Joseph Yam 
Yen Drops on Speculation Rally on RMB 
CRI Reports
Official: Floating Exchange Rate Beneficial to Public 
China: Depeg RMB to Dollar Conducive for Economy 
China: No Quick Yuan Reform 
Greenspan: Revaluation of RMB Won't Increase US Jobs 
Analyst: Renminbi on G8 Meeting Agenda 
Key Words
Managed Float 
Floating And Fixed Exchange Rates 
China's Economy 2005
Chinese Companies: Overseas M&A
Textile Quota Elimination
Housing Market "Bubble"
Oil Price on the Rise
Interest Rates Hike
l National Development and Reform Commission 
l The People's Bank of China 
l Ministry of Commerce of China 
l National Bureau of Statistics of China