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Lin Yifu
Economy May Fall into Deflation
Revaluation to be Driving Force
    The revaluation of the yuan, or renminbi, is expected to become a driving force in restructuring the country's textile industry while affecting textile exports.
Fix Assets Investment Keeps Growing
Stable Monetary Policy to Continue
Economy Sends Slowdown Signals
China Maintains Development Trend
14.6%  Fiscal Revenues Growth in H1
Fiscal Budget Ran Well in First Half
Soft Landing Seen for China's Economy
Experts: China's Century is Taking Shape
Looking into Chinese Economy for H1
Macro-economy Policies
Yuan's Floating Range Limited to 0.3%
China Issues New Policy on Steel
China Urged to Refrain from New Measures
Talk China
Gross Domestic Product
Fast, Stable Economic Growth to Continue
GDP Making New High
China's GDP Growth to Slow Down
China's GDP Grows 9.5% in 1st Half Year
Guangdong Pioneers New GDP Model
Industrial Production
Manufacturing Activity Still Weak in July
Industrial Sector 'On Path of Solid Growth'
China to Deepen Reforms in Industries
Industrial Profit Growth Slows Down
Industries Release Anti-Pollution Blueprint
Domestic Market
Consumption to Drive Growth in 2nd Half
Economy May Fall into Deflation
Macao Sees 3.51% Rise in CCPI in H1
Corporate Goods Price Up 3.7%
China's PPI Up 5.6% in June
Stock Market
Conduct Split Share Reform Stably, Orderly
Securities Industry Revenue Down 45%
Shares Rise to Snap 7-day Losing Streak
China's Securities Firms Lose 14.99b
Tax Adjustment to Boost Securities Market
Fixed Asset Investment
Fix Assets Investment Keeps Growing
Huge Funds Injected into N.East China
May Construction Investments Jump
More Investment in Port Construction
Urban Fixed Asset Investment Up 25.7%
Foreign Trade
Exports Fuel Airport Throughput
Car Export Soars in 1st Half
Import Growth Slowdown: Analysis
China's Trade Surplus to Continue
Switzerland to Boost Trade with China
Foreign Direct Investment
Province Sees Rise in Foreign Investment
Foreign Investments in China Mineral Exploration
Actual Use of Foreign Funds Down 3.18%
CIFIT to Promote Investment & Trade
China Pledges Long-term Foreign Investment Policy
Foreign Exchange Reserve
China's Forex Reserves Hit $711bln
SAFE to Cope with Surging Forex
First Quarter Foreign Reserves Up
China Values Euro in Foreign Reserves
China: 470 Billion USD in Foreign Reserves
l National Development and Reform Commission
l The People's Bank of China
l Ministry of Commerce of China
l National Bureau of Statistics of China
Industry In-depth
RMB Revaluation
Textile Quota Elimination
Approaching 3G
Housing Market "Bubble"
Financial Supervision
Aviation Market Takes off