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China Putian, Nortel to Set up 3G Telecom JV
3G Licenses Release Delayed 
    THE restructuring plan of China's telecom industry would not be released before the end of the summer, delaying the sale of third-generation (3G) mobile services licenses, the weekly China Business Post reported. 2005-07-05
China's 3G Industry To Make Money After 2008 2006-01-04
Operators Gear Up for 3G Services 2005-12-28
ZTE Teams up with Hutchison 3G  2005-12-19
Issue of 3G Licenses Expected Next Year  2005-11-17
Homegrown 3G Standard Gears Up 2005-10-22
Nokia, Putian Join Hands to Develop 3G 2005-10-14
Do You Know?
What Is 3G? 
    "3G" stands for the "third generation" of mobile phones.
3G Standards
3G in China
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l 3G Licenses Release Delayed 
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3G Technology
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3G in the World
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Comments & Analysis
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4G Outlook
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Telecom Operators