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Judith McNaught
2005-8-10 13:32:31   
Judith McNaught


Meredith Bancroft, only offspring of the ruthless president of Bancroft & Co., had pushed romance aside--all she wanted at 18 was to fill her father's male-chauvinist trotter-prints to head Bancroft. Then entered Matt Farrell, a lowly mechanic from rural Indiana.

Meredith was a mere pebble of fate, and there followed a volcanic coupling, a pregnancy, and marriage. But, alas, Meredith, back with furious Daddy, suffered a miscarriage… Then waited in vain for Matt--who believed she'd had an abortion and who wanted a divorce.

Eleven years later, Matt has risen to heights. And Meredith, still held from power by Dad, clash. There's a nasty surprise about the long-ago divorce, and Matt makes some surprising demands.

Will they never blurt out their separate versions of what happened 11 years before? Yes, but as romance-readers know, that takes time--here filled with stony silences, the biting of lips, and awesome lapses into Love. There's also a good deal of corporate takeover talk, fancy clothes, food, and digs.







Two strong-willed characters maintain 11 years of unwarranted hostility based on a series of misunderstandings in this engaging romance, which was a BOMC main selection in cloth and spent 11 weeks on PW 's hardcover bestseller list.


Introduction of Author
● Name: Judith McNaught
● Nationality: America
● Position: fictionist
● Other Masterpieces:
Almost Heaven
A Kingdom of Dreams
Until You
Something Wonderful
Once and Always

○ 姓名:茱迪•麦娜
○ 国籍:美国
○ 地位:小说家
○ 其他主要作品:

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