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Everest : Triumph and Tragedy on the World's Highest Peak
《珠穆朗玛峰: 世界最高峰上的胜利与代价》
Matt Dickinson
2005-6-8 14:54:41   
Everest : Triumph and Tragedy on the World's Highest Peak
《珠穆朗玛峰: 世界最高峰上的胜利与代价》
Matt Dickinson

This interactive book brings the world's mightiest peak alive in a way no traditional book can.

Readers can chart a route on an early map of Everest, hold a Tibetan prayer flag like the ones generations of mountaineers have left at Everest's summit, and examine a dossier (complete with survival tips) for commercial clients attempting to climb the mountain.

Detailed chapters cover the enduring mystery of George Mallory’s death on Everest; Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s triumphant first steps on the summit; the Chinese team’s scaling of the mountain from Tibet; Reinhold Messner’s two monumental climbs (one without supplemental oxygen, the other solo); the 1983 American summit via the treacherous East Face; and the heartbreaking 1996 tragedy that claimed the lives of eight climbers during a lethal storm.

Sidebars provide a wealth of additional information—from Everest’s unique geography to the effects of altitude, to the Sherpa culture—while extensive backmatter includes a chronology, glossary, an Everest records chart, Everest “Hall of Fame” profiles, and other reference materials for climbing aficionados.

The pre-war attempts, the dangerous conditions, the recent discovery of long-lost climber George Mallory's body are featured, along with the history of the mountain, its geography, and the myths and legends which surround it.




书中详细讲述了乔治·马洛里在珠穆朗玛峰的神秘之死,埃德蒙·希拉里先生和丹增·诺尔盖 先生首次踏足峰顶的成功壮举;中国登山队从西藏(人类历史上首次从北侧山脊登上地球之颠)出发登顶;莱因霍尔德·梅斯纳尔的两次具有纪念意义的登顶(一次是无氧攀登,一次是单人完成);1983年美国人经过险峻的东面登顶和1996年那次令人心碎悲剧:一场致命的风暴使8名登山者牺牲。



这本书还特别写到了战前的一些登山的尝试,危险的环境,和最近发现了失踪已久的登山者乔治·马洛里的尸体, 同时讲述了这座山的历史,地理和围绕着它的神话与传奇。


● These gripping accounts of adventure and danger will mesmerize readers from cover to cover! Stunning illustrations and compelling text provide an up-close look at six famous ascents of the world’s highest mountain.


Introduction of author
● Name: Matt Dickinson
● Nationality: British
● Position: Film-maker and Writer
● Main work:
The Death Zone: Climbing Everest Through the Killer Storm
The Other side of Everest: Climbing the north face through the killer storm
Everest: The Final Secret

○ 姓名:麦特·迪更森
○ 国籍:英国
○ 地位:电影制作人,作家
○ 主要作品:

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