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On Beauty
Zadie Smith
2005-10-12 9:44:29   
On Beauty
Zadie Smith


The Belsey family is multicultural as well as multinational. Howard is English, teaching art history at liberal Wellington College near Boston. His wife, Kiki, is from Florida, and as practical as her husband is intellectual.

Although they love each other dearly, Howard's waning career and wandering eye have caused a strain. Their children follow their own paths: Jerome is a Christian; Zora is a socially concerned intellectual; and Levi is trying to be a black man of the streets.

When Jerome falls in love with the daughter of Howard's archrival, Monty Kipps, the two families are thrown together in a personal and cultural battle. Although the romance sours, Howard and Monty's rivalry kicks up a notch, while Kiki and Mrs. Kipps develop an unlikely bond.

Intermingled with the analysis of family and marriage are commentaries on affirmative action, liberal versus conservative, and prejudices in many forms.







This is a boisterous, funny, poignant, and erudite novel that should firmly establish Smith as a literary force of nature.


Introduction of Author

● Name: Zadie Smith

● Nationality: UK

●Age: 1975

●Position: author

● Other Masterpieces:

White Teeth

The Autograph Man


○ 姓名:莎娣·史密斯

○ 国籍:英国

○ 年龄:1975

○ 地位:作家

○ 其他主要作品:



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