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Joey Yung: I Only Have Mommy
2005-8-4 9:46:10     
Joey Yung: I Only Have Mommy. Father Uses Name to Promote Bar.

After Joey's parents divorced, Joey and her mother lived together, depending on each other. Recently, Joey's dad, Yung Gam Fai opened up a bar in Shenzhen with a 21 year old girl called May May, who are together all the time, even living together. As the female boss, May May, it was also expressed that she arranged for young girls at the bar to play with and leave with the customers. Inside the bar there is also fist games* and also posted is Joey Yung's autographed poster. About this, Joey said "in my heart, the most important is my mommy. Everything else is no longer important!" implying that she has severed all ties with her father.

Recently, a magazine photographed Joey's father Yung Gam Fai in Shenzhen opening a pornographic bar, and posting Joey's poster to solicit customers. Mr. Yung also revealed he was 17 years old when he had Joey, so he was forced to marry Joey's mother, also saying he occasionally contacts Joey, learning to use ICQ to work on their relationship.

Mr. Yung's New Interest is 21 Years Old

But Mr. Yung already has a new interest, this new interest is the bar's 21 years old female boss, called Zhou Tung. Together, with Mr. Yung, they are known as husband and wife. The bar has invited not a small amount of young girl fist players to drink with the customers to make them happy and they can also arrange for "other services." Even Joey's young brother is a guest of honor. His father asked him to go into a room to pick a girl, but her brother did not consent.

Responding to her father's actions, Joey, though her manager's company, responded saying "in my heart, the most important is my mommy. All this time I have worked very hard, putting all my thoughts onto mommy. My goal is to work hard, earning money, to give mommy a better life. Everything else is no longer important!" From this Joey seems to imply that she has severed all ties with her father to avoid making her mother, who she has living with and depending on, from becoming even sadder.

Adding on the revelation of her father's new interest, she doesn't want her mother's situation to become even more awkward.
Emperor's Entertainer Management Department Director Mani has also expressed that Joey has always had little contact with her father since she was little and has grown up in a single parent family with her mother always taking care of the brother and sister, without her father's involvement.

Source: AsianFanatics

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