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Super Girl
Taihe Rye Record Signs Super Girl Champion 
Your Attitude to Supergirl
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v Xiaohua: Have Your Own Choice 
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v YBY: A Big Fan of Super Voice Girls 
Super Girl
Top3 Zhou Bichang Zhang Liangying Li Yuchun Opening Fans 
han man huang huang contest opening 
Compared to Other Shows
Lycra My Show    Another Chinese show is Lycra My Show held by Eastern TV in Shanghai. The show enables boys and girls to show all kinds of their talents including dancing, singing and even stunts. The program is also gaining popularity in China. 
american idol    American Idol is a television show featured on the Fox Network in the United States, based on the popular British show Pop Idol. The show is a competition in which viewers can call in and vote on contestants to determine the best "undiscovered" young singer in the United States, with the winner receiving a major record deal, although some runners-up have achieved enough fame to ink record deals of their own. 
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What Media Says
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The Top Winner
liyuchun    The 21-old-year girl from south China's Chengdu has the largest fans base across China among candidates. She and Zhou Bichang, another finalists in the Final are similar in their neutral images, performance skills, and singing styles. 
The Second Winner
Zhou Bichang    Zhou Bichang from Hunan province has proved her versatility by being able to interpret almost any genre with her unique piercing voice in almost every previous round.  As one of the three judges, Hei Nan, said, she could label almost every song with her own trademark. 
The Third Winner
Zhang Liangying    Acclaimed for "singing with her soul," she switched over from placid ballads to the high tempo "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us"to unanimous admiration. A major in English, she has also showed she can perfectly interpret Chinese songs, even if she is even better delivering in English. 
Listen Supergirls'Song

    Best Friend  

    The Theme Song  

    Hello Jay Chow  

    Sour and Sweet Is Me 
Judge's Words
    The words of judges in this show are famous for its sarcasm and cynicism. Here are some of them:
Your voice sounds like CD disk is blocked.
Did you sing right now? That sucks...
Study hard, you perhaps can succeed, if continue to sing,the predictable failure is waiting for you.
Your singing is really striking....and horrible.