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[Script] China Dinosaur Park
2005-6-9 16:54:06     

Sound familiar? Sure, it's the theme of the Jurassic Park.

But did you know there's a real "Jurassic Park" in China?

The China Dinosaur Park, situated in the New North District in the east of Changzhou, is a large-scaled theme park all about dinosaurs.

After a quarter hour's ride from downtown Changzhou, the stylized necks of three brontosaurs appear on the horizon. They are landmark of the Changzhou China Dinosaurs Park, raising more than 70 meters into the sky and bearing a UFO-like restaurant in their center.

The gate of the park is built in a strong primitive style, made of rough rocks with authentic dinosaur fossils embedded within. Many pupils with eager faces entering in queues or going out have looks of fascination --- at least the park is great fun for kids!

Now we were in the China Dinosaur Museum, the most important program in this park. The museum holds tens of real dinosaur fossils, and some of them are rare. Young ladies guide the visitors from room to room. Each room exhibits the fossils and models of ancient animals from a certain period. A tour through the rooms is like a tour through time.

In a room decorated like a cave, we saw a photographic show of a T-Rex catching its prey while roaring vividly.

Many other ancient animals are also "revived" in this way in the museum.

The guide told us that there are three "treasures" in this museum. One is the first dinosaur fossil that has been discovered in China. The second one is the fossil of a giant duck-billed dinosaur discovered in China's Shandong Province. It is the largest fossil of this dinosaur species in the world. The third "treasure" is a fossil of the "Chinese dinobird." Researches show that this kind of animal represents the stage in-between dinosaurs and birds, leading to a hypothesis that the dinosaurs did not die out, but rather revolved into birds.

In the museum we came across a band of robots who performed the strangest concert I've ever heard. It sounded a little silly for adults, but attracted lots of curious children.

Leaving the museum, we went to the building resembling a UFO. It's actually a cinema showing dinosaur movies presented with modern techniques.

We first saw a movie with special effects made by water, light and smoke. It's about the dinosaurs' last days. Seasons alternated. Authentic snow fell on the audience's heads, and a waterfall flowed from high above.

We watched another 4-dimension movie capturing the beasts of the past. But this time, we were chased by a T-Rex.

We fastened our seat belts, put on a special pair of glasses, and went through a time tunnel back to the Jurassic Period.

We flew in the sky with the pterosaurs, dove into the ancient ocean, and wound our way in the jungle full of friendly dinosaurs.

With the glasses, the dinosaurs appeared three-dimensioned and sort of real. Some audience members cried when a curious brachiosaurus stretched its long neck to us.

Suddenly, the forest quieted down... The dinosaurs were leaving.

A T-Rex appeared in front us. We were backing off, but it was following us.

We speeded up to flee, but this perseverant "king of the dinosaurs" wouldn't give up. It opened its giant bloody mouth.

Has this made you a little bit interested? Don't worry. There are more programs that are more exciting than this in the park. The most popular one is a boat tour called "Survive in the Jurassic Period." But, I won't tell you what it's like. Just come saving yourself between the teeth of a T-Rex and tell me how it feels.


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