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Shanghai Impression
2005-5-26 11:15:31
Some staff of the English Department got the chance to visit Shanghai-China's economic hub this April...

Journalist Cam MacMurchy  joined Realtime Beijing to share his opinions on Shanghai, click here to hear what he said. 

Contrary to what I had heard, Shanghai boasts a large number of parks and offers a plethora of green space.  The laowai sat at the back of the bus driving into town, and none of us had before visited Shanghai (I spent 1 fleeing day in the city back in 2002, but just passing through).  Seeing the lush green lawns, park benches, ponds and flowers was a welcome sight from the grey and dusty streets of Beijing...... full story



Comparison and Contrast

Language Editor Tim Stoney has his impression ...

There are three things, though, that Shanghai has that make it a more appealing city than Beijing. The first, an abundance of parks and trees, Beijing can and will do something about; particularly with the Olympics looming in 2008. There is nothing so calming as a splash of green amidst the urban greyness. Shanghai has older more established trees, which I can't blame Beijing for, it's only several thousand years old, and Shanghai appears to have more parks that, strangely enough have people in them...... full story


Journalist James Aitken  has his impression...

Beijingers are generally friendly. People in Shanghai? I'm not really sure. You see the proplem is the only people I came into contact with who live there are people who were serving me in bars or restaurants. They were nice, but they're supposed to be, so I can't really make a judgement there. I'll save that for another visit... ... full story

Web Editor Pan Jingjing, however, tells us a rather sad travel story....

It was our third day in Shanghai. My fellow four Beijingers and I had spent the previous two days going to the Pearl Tower and Zhouzhuang so we were dead tired and slept in until noon. When we finished washing up and getting dressed, we started to brainstorm on where to go for the day. At the suggestion of a hotel attendant, we settled on Chongming Island, China's third largest island and just off the coast of Shanghai... ....full story



Web Editor Zhang Tairan comments on Shanghai's traffic problems...

The traffic in Shanghai is more infuriating than most major cities' because there are huge numbers of pedestrians and cyclists sharing the same roads. During our first two days, we visited several famous tourist sites in Shanghai. While we were returning to our hotel, we ran into the rush-hour swamp of exhaust, nauseating sounds of horns and curses, and haphazard cyclists riding in their own ways... full story



Web Editor Panda has her photos and free says here...

This is Huangpu River, it divides Shanghai into two parts:Eastern part and Western part.










See our Travel Express: Shanghai

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