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Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor
shaanxiTime-honored Shaanxi
    Historically, the Chinese civilization originated from this beautiful and abundant land.
yellow emperorThe Mausoleum on Bridge Hill
    The Yellow Emperor went to Heaven with a divine dragon, leaving only his boot and sword. His people buries them on the Bridge Hill.
memorial templeYellow Emperor Remembered
    Known as the most important ancient grave in China, the Huangdi Mausoleum has long been attractive to me.
yanan"Red Tour" in Yan'an
    Situated to the near north of the Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor, Yan'an is also a "must see" for tourists to Shaanxi Province. 
Huangdi    Several thousand years ago, there lived on the Central Plains several tribes. The most famous ones were the Yellow Emperor and Yandi's tribes, which were two brothers. Another strong tribe was the Jiuli tribe in Eastern China, with Chiyou as their chief. Chiyou had eighty-one brothers. They all had iron heads and arms as strong as copper. They also possess magic powers. Their weapon-making skills were also very advanced. As a result they often invaded other tribes.
Panda Habitat in Shaanxi[Highlights]The Yellow Emperor
Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor
Cypress planted by Yellow Emperor
"Han Wu Xian Tai"
Steles Commemorating the Return of Hong Kong and Macao
Travel Tips
schedule    The Yellow Emperor's Mausoleum is located on the Bridge Hill (Qiao Shan) in Huangling County, Shaanxi.bus    It takes some 4 hours by bus from Xi'an to Huangling, where the Mausoleum is. dining    Known as the "capital of table delicacies", the ancient city of Xi'an is famous for the delicious Shaanxi snack.
lodging    Visitors to the Mausoleum are recommended to spend the night in Xi'an, only some 4-hour away by    The Mausoleum is in the semi-humid zone with distinct four seasons but mild temperatures all year round.train    Many of the popular tourist destinations, including the Mausoleum of  the Yellow Emperor, are close to Xi'an.
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