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Fertile Land
2005-5-4 17:44:24     

Fragrance of Beer

Tianmu Lake Beer is made with the high quality natural water from Tianmu Lake, by a production line and automatic analysis and testing instruments all at the advanced world level. Its series includes type P 11 degrees special beer with typical taste, 10 degrees dry beer of low sugar and health-keeping type, 8.8 degrees full malt beer of low sugar, low energy and health-keeping type, and functional nutrient black beer made from black glutinous rice. The beer is clear and transparent, with fine foam and soft and refreshing taste. It was awarded gold prize at the new science and technology and new product fair of 1994 in China, gold prize of China new products and patents in 1996, and the title of recognized star beer of China.

Early Spring Tea

The hilly areas of Liyang have unique climate, hence a long history of tea planting and making. It produces 2000 tons of tea a year, with 4200 hectares of pollution-free tea gardens, 32 certified pollution-free tea products, 11 products with national green food marks and 6 products with national certified machine making tea. A total of 26 tea products in the city have got gold prizes at national and international tea fairs, and the annual transaction amount of tea has exceeded 100 million yuan.

Changdang Lake

This lake is a typical shallow water grass lake in the Taihu Lake Basin, with a total area of 85 square kilometers and an average water depth of 1.22 meters. Its good water quality, flat basin and gentle flow are suitable for growth and reproduction of aquatic lives. The lake is abundant with products of lake crabs, back shrimps and white fish, and also known with the charming natural scenery of water and sky merging as one.

White Geese on Green Ripples

With green hills and clear rivers and lakes, Liyang has broad prospects in ecological breeding. The city has 31 agricultural scientific and technological pilot parks and 99 agricultural, animal husbandry and aquatic production bases passing the certification for pollution-free agricultural products. 60 pollution-free products, 33 green food products, 7 organic food products and 8 agricultural products have been awarded as excellent and famous-brand products of Changzhou Municipality.

Green Sea of Bamboos

There are rich bamboo resources in the hilly areas in the south of Liyang. The production base covering an area of about 7000 hectares for different bamboo varieties is gradually leading to an industrial chain for bamboo. The white celery, new peach and pear varieties and high quality chestnut from Liyang enjoy high reputation on market.

Joyful People and Jumping Fish

Tianmu Lake is know for its clear water and abundant natural feed, producing many kinds of fresh water fish such as variegated carp (or bighead_, with an annual output of 1000 tons. The famous brand product with unique characteristics, the Tianmu Lake fish head in marmite, is cooked with the water and fish from Tianmu Lake, at Tianmu Lake Hotel and with unique cooking technique.

Golden Farming Gardens

Liyang is one of the important production bases for agricultural and by-products in China. It plants 27,000 hectares of high quality rape every year, with Youyan Rape No. 9 accounting for 90% of the total area, ranking the first place in Jiangsu Province.

(Source: The People's Government of Liyang)

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