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A Panda Lover's Story
2005-4-10 14:44:08     
Interview with an Australian animal conservator working in Changqing Nature Reserve, Shaanxi province.

G: Ah, yeah. There¡¯re lots of rumors like that. In our reserve, I don't think it's a problem, but I also have Mr. Shi Jian. He, who is the head of the eco-tourism department at Changqing Nature Reserve, and he might be out to tell you more about that.  
Interviewing Mr. Shi, a manager at the Nature Reserve

The blooming of bamboos can be a serious problem. But the bamboos in our nature reserve are still fine. Pandas here have enough to eat.

Cooperation and Donation

H: Can the tourism also be harmful for like the reservation if there are too many of them coming if you are too successful with it?
G: Yeah, absolutely, definitely tourism can cause massive damage. Basically what we are trying to do here is having very low numbers of tourists. We're going to control the numbers of tourists partly through high ticket prices and partly through just having limited accommodation. We'll also be working with an Australian organization called the Cooperative Research Center for Sustainable Tourism. And what they've been doing is doing a lot of research in the reserve, looking at how to make sure that the tourism won't impact on the wild life in the reserve.
H: Okay. Do you have any other international partners that you cooperate with than the Australian one?
G: Yeah. The reserve also has a good partnership with World Wild Life Funds, and with the Global Environment Fund as well.
H: Do you also accept donations from private people? Or, can volunteers come and help you out, I mean, pandas are so popular?
G: Yeah. There must be something you should probably ask Mr. Shi. I don't know if they do accept donations.
Interviewing Mr. Shi 

G:  Donations are appreciated by our nature reserve. At the moment, donations mainly come from World Wild Life Funds and the Global Environment Fund. We have also gained significant support from the central government in the infrastructure construction and the establishment of the nature reserve. I have been working in the nature reserve for 20 years.

H:  What is the ordinary people's attitude towards wild life protection?

G:  With people's rising awareness to protect the Giant pandas, our work has become much easier. Ordinary people, especially those who actually come to our nature reserve to see pandas, are very enthusiastic about wild life protection. Anyway, giant pandas are our national treasure. Local farmers' awareness to protect giant pandas has increased tremendously. People will help giant pandas when they are in trouble or ill. There are dozens of cases like that.


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