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smallYuelu Park
    Yuelu Hill Park lies on the western banks of the Xiang River and is one of Changsha's most historic spots. 
museumHunan Provincial Museum
    Hunan Provincial Museum, found in the northeast of the city, contains an interesting display of archaeological finds. 
    Shaoshan, with a once typically Hunan village atmosphere, is the birthplace of Comrade Mao Zedong. 
Tourism News
v Zhangzhou Awarded Heritage Protection 
v Versailles Treasures to Exhibit in Beijing 
v New Tours Set Out for Mideast, Ireland 
v Ancient Village Welcomes Foreign Visitors 
v Tourists to be Guided by Electronic Guide 
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My Travel Story
04Changsha: The City That Never Sleeps
    Changsha embraces modernity but still offers plenty for history bug. 
changshaChangsha: A City of Enjoyment
    Changsha enjoys a high reputation by virtue of Chairman Mao, native of Hunan. 
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Red Tour Around Changsha
v Dripping Water Cave
v A Trip to Shaoshan, Changsha and Zhangjiajie
v Shaoshan: the Former Residence of Mao Zedong
v The Former Headquarters of the Local Communist Party
v The Hunan Number One Teachers' Training School
v Leifeng Memorial Museum
v Comrade Mao's Museum
How to Get There
plane    The Changsha Huanghua Airport (Huanghua feijichang) is 17km east of the city. 
train    The railway station (Huoche zhan) is conveniently central at the eastern end of Wuyi donglu. 
by bus    There are three long distance bus stations in Changsha, but all are several kilometers out of the town. 
dining    Landlocked Hunan's chili-rich cuisine is similar to that of western China's Sichuan province. 
shopping    The local craftwork and specialty products in Changsha are some of the best in the country. 
lodging    As both the capital city and a transport hub, Changsha has plenty of hotels. 
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