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Lotus Flower Peaks
2005-1-14 11:24:42
With a height of 1,864 meters, Lotus Peak is the highest peak of the Yellow Mountains.

With a height of 1,864 meters, Lotus Peak is the highest peak of the Yellow Mountains. It is embraced by small hills, resembling the lotus, hence the name. A one and half kilometer long winding path links Lotus Ridge and the apex of lotus Peak. One needs to cross four caves on the way up before reaching the apex. Pines in the shape of flying dragons and double dragons as well as the Yellow Mountain Azalea are found on the peak. Standing together in the central part of the Yellow Mountains, the magnificent lotus Peak, Brightness Summit Peak and the Celestial Capital Peak unfold in all their majesty.

Going down the same route northwards, one passes turtle-shaped and snake-shaped rocks and reaches the One Hundred Step Cloud Stairs. Here, a scene of a rock resembling an old monk watching the sea under the opposite Rongcheng Peak is seen. Getting off the stairs and crossing the Lotus Cave and Huge Turtle Cave, one comes to the Heavenly Sea. To the left of the site of Central Sea Pavilion stands Stone Column Peak, and to the right is the Phoenix Pine. Going up for a while along the stone stairway, one can then look back at the famous rock sight known as Huge Turtle Carrying a Golden Turtle on Its Back. Further up in the right direction there stands Alchemy Peak and the 1,840.9 meter high Brightness Apex, the second tallest peak of the Yellow Mountains. With Brightness Apex towering above the clouds, one commands a majestic view of a sea of ridges, peaks and gullies below.

Taking the west route or north route from Brightness Apex,visitors may tour the West Sea or North Sea, two famous scenic areas of the Yellow Mountains, and stay at the West Sea Hotel or North Sea Guesthouse.


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