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Italian Culture Year in China
2006-2-21 13:16:18
If Chinese people enjoyed a feast of French culture last year, then this year they'll need to expand their waistbands further still, in order to accommodate offerings from both Italy and Russia.

On January 19, the China-Italy Culture Year began at Beijing's Forbidden City Concert Hall, with a selection of beloved Italian opera arias from Verdi, Puccini and Donizetti. Shortly before that, I talked with Antonio Bartoli, coordinator for this Year of Italy in China.

1.Can you briefly give us some general information on this upcoming year-long event?

2.What is the main objective you seek to achieve in bringing Year of Italy to China? Does China hold any special significance for Italy?

3. How long will this event go for? How many people and institutions are involved in this event?

4. Will the Year of Italy in China focus mostly on Italian culture or will it cover numerous aspects of Italy?

5. How many cultural events will be held during this cultural year? And what events do you expect to be most popular with the Chinese public?

6. Currently there is a lot of buzz in China about the Mirror of the Ages exhibition of Italian renaissance masterpieces. Can you give us more details on that?

7. The Year of Italy will commence on Thursday. Will there be any important government figures or prominent artists at the opening ceremony?

8. During the China France Culture year, the two countries each showcased the other's culture. Will the China Italy culture Year work in the same way?

10. What impression of Italy do you hope the culture year will make on the Chinese people?

11. Finally how do you think China will benefit from this event?

12. We still remember the Italian cultural week in downtown Chaoyang park in Beijing early last year when some genuine Venetian Gondolas were brought to Beijing. Was that event only a trial for this larger event?

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