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Lin Zhixuan ¨C Mature Love Songs
2005-6-17 18:59:05
If Taiwan pop singer Lin Zhixuan once offered you songs about youthful passion, now he wishes to tell you about the true meaning of mature love.

If Taiwan pop singer Terry Lin or Lin Zhixuan once offered you songs about youthful passion during his pop duo days, as a solo singer he wishes to tell you about the true meaning of mature love. His new album "Mature Love Songs," was released at the end of April, with 10 charming tracks that explore the inner psyche of a mature man.

On this new album, Terry Lin presents himself as a mature man who's been through many of love's tangles, before finally discovering the true meaning of love. According to Terry, his album is dedicated to his own memory of this treasured feeling.

The title track "Mature Love Song" is something of a sequel to a previous hit, "A Single Man's Love Song," which was mostly concerned with youthful passions. Subsequently, in the new song, the man settles down into a relationship and begins to adopt a positive attitude toward love.

Within this song, Terry uses the plainest language to tell some simple truths. He sings, "We have to go through many things and be hurt many times, until we finally accept the fact that love may not be perfect¡­" He also suggests in the song that "when you lovers have arguments, don't say any words that will hurt the other, but instead patiently listen to the other's explanation¡­" Let's hear this song, "Mature Love Song."

(Song: Mature Love Song )

 Terry Lin rose to fame 15 years ago as the main vocalist of the duo Ukulele, whose most famous works were "A Single Man's Love Song" and "Tears of Mona Lisa." The duo broke up in 1995, leaving Lin to set up his own independent music company, and pursue his own music career.

Despite the passing of years, Terry continues to challenge music trends. On his new album, Terry has included the styles of classical music, rock, folk balladry, and blues. However he steadfastly refuses to incorporate any R& B or hip-hop elements. Terry jokingly laments that if everyone sings hip-hop, those who do not like this style will be left disappointed by music. So next up, enjoy his "Road to Happiness" with its distinct jazz flavor.

(Song: Road to Happiness)

Terry has a crystal clear voice and the ability to reach high notes with impressive ease. Indeed, he believes that a perfect voice is the basis of good pop music. Furthermore, he has purposefully ditched digital recording and instead relies on old-fashioned analog recording, which make his unique voice even more outstanding. Let's hear his "Unspoken Farewell," a piece where his vocal is supported only be a sparse piano accompaniment.  

(Song: Unspoken Farewell)

Well, we'll leave you here with one more song from Terry, "Crocodile Tears," which depicts a man facing a broken relationship.

(Song: Crocodile Tears )

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