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Gigi Lueng¡ª"Clockwise"
2005-12-8 15:16:09
Gigi Lueng has recently released a new Mandarin language album "Clockwise".

A beautiful song generally consists of three components, a moving melody, touching lyrics, and fantastic voice. For the latter, the boyish mezzo soprano of Hong Kong singer Gigi Lueng certainly has a unique quality, and has helped her to pick up a steadfast group of fans over her various albums. Now in the tenth year of her singing career, Gigi has recently released a new Mandarin language album "Clockwise", designed to show her transformation from schoolgirl singer to fully matured female artist.

Clockwise is a collection of 3 new tracks and 27 old hits from Gigi Lueng, also known as Liang Yongqi, and something of a must buy for Gigi's fans, since it contains all the most important songs from her career.

The three new tracks, Prejudice, Clockwise and Nomads reflect the present style of this singer, who has excellent vocal control, enabling her to handle even the subtlest inflections with great ease. The emotions expressed in these new songs have also shaken away much of her carefree adolescent nature, as she begins to concentrate on the adult world.

Clockwise is composed by Gigi Lueng herself and fully showcases the different textures of her voice. In this slow love ballad, Gigi sadly sings:"I wonder whether you still care about the oath between us? I don't want to linger alone in these dead memories. Time can never take us back to where we started, so I'll simply let go of our love in this gentle breeze."

Ever since her earliest days, Gigi Lueng has managed to captivate her fans with the straight-forwardness of her lyrical expression and a distinctive musical personality. Take for example the tune I'm Having A Crush on Him, with its rather bold declaration of love: "I'm having a little crush for him. He's walked into my life and changed everything. I'm dreaming of making a home together with him and giving birth to his fat little baby." Listening to this happy track from the beginning of Gigi's career, we can detect a girlish naivety and light-heartedness in her music.

"Firelight" marks another turning point in Gigi's singing career. On this track, Gigi appears more confident in conveying the emotions of her music, while her lyrics dig deeper into the emotional worlds of her lovers to emphasize the imperfections of love. She sings it firm and slow, with the words "If love is the petal of a fragile rose, I'm willing to accept this imperfection. Under the firelight, you'll see the smile on my face, because I understand that some parts of my life are still under my control." 

One of Gigi's new tunes, "Nomads" is a combination of ballad and jazz. Although it might not be as hummable as "Clockwise," this tune is still very pleasing to the ear¡£


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