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Awakening and their Happiness Download
2005-12-10 14:51:26
Awakening emerged as a dynamic and versatile singing force.

Possibly a brand-new name for many of our listeners, Awakening consists of the young Taiwanese duo Jay and Wesley, who have recently emerged as a dynamic and versatile singing force. This year sees the release of their second album Happiness Download, which has already received some rave reviews.

Entitled "Winds of summer", the track you can currently hear is a big hit from Awakening's second album, Happiness Download.  This new musical force is a combination of two young singers, Jay and Wesley, who enjoyed their eponymous release in the summer of 2004. Once publicized, this debut album impressed many listeners for its inclusion of hip-hop and rock elements within their folk music. Moreover, this year sees the release of their second album, Happiness Download, with music that's even more dynamic than before.

"Winds of summer" is perhaps the most representative work from this album. Written and composed by Wesley, this piece features harmonica and guitar, while the lyrics seek to prove that nothing can be more precious that youth.

Maybe you're familiar with the melody of this song. Entitled "Sky", this song was originally sung by the Taiwan star Jolin Tsai, with Awakening providing this male vocal interpretation. 

But unlike many young singers, Awakening don't have to purely rely on cover songs. As well as writing their songs and playing their own instruments, Awakening have handled the lion's share of production on their new album. Meanwhile, this song "Sky", made by Wesley again, depicts the far-flung blue sky, under which all pains can be comforted.  And let's continue with another song from the album "Happiness Download", this time entitled "Bikini".

A most vivacious piece, Bikini, brings us the sights and smells of a bustling beach.  It also provides a good example of Awakening's unique musical style, in which hip-hop is naturally mixed into folk music. Well, let's continue to listen together on China Melody, with Awakening's next track "Back Up".

A joint composition from Jay and Wesley, Back Up contains this album's most direct mentions of love and pain. Indeed, it's the exception to the album's rule, with most of the other tracks making only indirect references to heartfelt emotion. This song may therefore be a bit sadder that the others today, but we hope that you can enjoy it and remember the name of this newly emerged duo, Awakening.

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