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November's Chopin by Jay Chou
2005-11-28 12:53:44
The current king of Chinese songsters, Jay Chou brings us November's Chopin.

Reputed as the current king of Chinese songsters, Jay Chou has exerted a great influence on the country's younger generation. Indeed, his first five albums have all been huge hits, so needless to say, his latest work attracted great attention upon its release this month. Entitled November's Chopin, this new 12-song collection has come out a few months after the traditional summer-release period, presumably because dark November is closer in spirit to Chopin than the sunny months of July and August.

Beginning with a vocal style pitched much higher than on previous works, this new song, Hair Like Snow, from Jay Chou sounds somewhat oriental, while combining his usual blend of traditional instrumentation and rap.

The title of Jay's new album, "November's Chopin", was an interesting choice, but not completely without logic. Although Jay is hardly as talented as Chopin, the Taiwan superstar is a big admirer of this Polish pianist and composer, while many of the album's tracks are piano-based. In fact, here's Nocturne, a good example of this piano-bias, and also the best known track on this new release.


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