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    Chinese central government delegation has sent a bronze tripod to Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region for its 50th birthday. 
l Significant Progress for Xinjiang Fifty Years on 
    A senior Chinese official says significant progress has been achieved in Xinjiang in economic development and other social undertakings fifty years since the establishment of the autonomous region.
New Projects Launched to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region 
Tarim River Revived  
Xinjiang's Economy Grows Rapidly with Boosting Energy Industry  
Xinjiang Xinjiang Xinjiang Xinjiang Xinjiang 
Xinjiang in Brief
    The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is located in northwestern China. It covers an area of 1.66 million, one sixth of Chinese territory.
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Int'l efforts to protect grottoes on "Silk Road" 
PetroChina plans $3.3 billion refinery expansion 
Sino-Kazakhstan Free Trade Zone To Be Set Up In China's Xinjiang 
Oil focus shifting to Xinjiang 
Nortel To Work On Wireless Network Optimization In Xinjiang 
Kanas "lake monster" stirs up tourism 
1 mln Xinjiang herdsmen say goodbye to nomadic life 
Oil/gas supply line built along Silk Road 
Evening party held for Xinjiang's 50th founding anniversary 
charming Xinjiang writes epic of tourism takeoff 
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