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I Choose to Work in Zhengzhou: Gao Jingyan
2005-6-1 22:34:02
Gao Jingyan, a young lady who was born in Beijing and earned her doctorate from Boston University, chose to work in Zhengzhou, a mid-sized city in Central China. 

Reporter: I wonder  why did you choose to work in Zhengzhou? Given your education, there must have been plenty of work opportunities in public services or private sectors.

Gao Jingyan: The primary reason is that I believe Zhengzhou has great potential. In addition, the municipal government has promulgated a series of preferential policies for doctorate holders.

Reporter: How long were in the US

Gao Jingyan: Nearly six years

Reporter: Being Beijing born-and-bred and having stayed several years in the US, did you think the way of life in Zhengzhou took some getting used to?

Gao Jingyan: During my stay in the US, I used to return to China for vacations and research purposes. I kept up with what was going on in China, so I am quite used to living here and Zhengzhou is a nice place.

Reporter: How did you find the job?

Gao Jingyan: The policy of attracting doctorate holders began in 2002, and I came in 2004. I found out about the policy when I was in the US.  Then I tried to contact the local human resources department and was interviewed by some officials. After that I started my first job. So far, there are 4 doctorate holders including myself working for the Administrative Committee of Zhengdong New District, 2 of whom studied in the US.

Reporter: What did you major in college?

Gao Jingyan: I graduated from Foreign Affairs College and got a bachelor's degree in English and Diplomacy. I earned my MA in Comparative Politics from the University of Iowa and my Ph.D. in Comparative Political Economy from Boston University.

Reporter: How long have you been working here?

Gao Jingyan: I started to work here in April 2004.

Reporter: what are your specific responsibilities at work?

Gao Jingyan:  I am in partial charge of the Investment Promotion Bureau, so my work involves  negotiating with investors. And I am also in partial charge of 2 ad hoc committees whose job is to provide services for investors and promote cooperation and coordination between different departments.

Reporter: Do you think you make the best use of your knowledge and abilities here?

Gao Jingyan: I speak fluent English, and I am quite comfortable dealing with foreigners. I have received many foreign guests on behalf of Zhengdong New District. Although I am not applying political economy theories directly, I think one purpose of higher education is to enhance a person's abilities to think independently and innovatively. Also, I am getting enormous on-the-spot knowledge. I am very grateful to have this job.

Reporter:  Some parents consider the capital the safest place to live and they are reluctant to see their kids working in other places, and ¨Cconsidering you're actually from Beijing ¨C what's your parents' attitude?

Gao Jingyan: My parents have been very supportive. And in fact, Zhengzhou is a safe place---many people stroll the streets even after eleven' o clock in the evening! The place is really better than I expected.

Reporter: Will you always work for Zhengdong New District in the future?

Gao Jingyan: I haven't thought so much about this. It takes at least 15 to 20 years to finish the whole project, and this time span goes way beyond anybody's plan---there is simply too much uncertainty. But I am certain about one thing: I do my own bit to promote the development of Zhengzhou.


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