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Yutong Leads Asian Bus Manufacturers
2005-5-31 14:07:28     

The photos above show the assembly workingshop

Our tour group get on a bus produced by Yutong


Company Profile

Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd is a joint stock company, established in 1993 on the basis of the former Zhengzhou Bus Manufacturing works, the headquarter of Yutong Bus is located in Zhengzhou City. The stock named YUTONG BUS entered Shanghai Securities Exchange in 1997, by the end of 2002, the total gross asset reached 2 billion RMB Yuan with total stock share of 136 million, and the net asset came to 900 million RMB Yuan with asset liability ratio 40%. The sale amount of 2002 was 3.3 billion RMB Yuan with total sale of 13,000 units of CBU. The major economical index of Yutong Bus increases successfully at the speed of 50% annually during the consecutive 9 years, and won the award of "Booming Cup" of Zhengzhou City continuously for 7 years, and awarded as AAA of the credit category by China Industrial and Commercial Bank for 8 years, and awarded as the best bus manufacturer of 2002 by BAAV. Presently Yutong Bus ranks the first in the circle of bus manufacturing in China with more than 20% of the market. Now Yutong Bus boasts the biggest bus manufacturer in Asia with the leading technology and craftsmanship.

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