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Kang Bai-wan's Mansions
2005-5-30 1:15:34

Kang Bai-wan's(Kang the Millionaire) is a general designation to the family of Kang Ying-kui since Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty,and is well-known in China after the Queen Cixi entitled it.

The family of Kang Ying-kui was affluent for 12 generations lasting over 400 years

Bridal Chamber. The Kang Family were particular about ostentatious wedding ceremonies, so the bridal chamber would be warmly and gorgeously decorated and the group for receiving the bride always stretched for miles, which three musical bands, six coloured sedans and fluttering colourful flags.

This main residence was for the elder's dwelling. The decorations here are of primitive simplicity yet rather elegant.


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