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Ancient & Modern Side by Side

    Journalists from around China have toured the country's central Province of Henan. I have seen the Zhengdong New District C a stunning modern city; Sanmenxia City, where agriculture is benefiting from the information society; the recycling economy of Yima City; and the determination to develop the economy in Kongyi County. Aside from all of these, I was impressed by the historical culture in the area. In short, you can hail Henan Province: modern and ancient side by side. 
Zhengdong New District: A Beautiful City on Waterfront 
    If I didn't already know where I was, I would have thought I had just stepped into a development zone in a coastal city in Eastern China.That was my first impression of the Zhengdong New District, located on the east side of Zhengzhou, the capital of China's central Henan Province.
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l Henan Province 
Map of Henan
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I Choose to Work in Zhengzhou: Gao Jingyan 
    Gao Jingyan, a young lady who was born in Beijing and earned her doctorate from Boston University, chose to work in Zhengzhou, a mid-sized city in Central China. 
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