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Revival of Peking Opera
2005-7-6 15:55:12     
This week we look at the controversial issue of textile quotas and the effect they are having on businesses in eastern China. We celebrate the world famous Peking Opera and we join the shoppers in Yiwu, in China's Zhejiang Province.

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China's national opera the Peking Opera has existed for more than 200 years. A synthesis of music, dance, art and acrobatics, Peking Opera is the most influential and representative of all operas in China, and is widely regarded as one of the highest expressions of the Chinese culture. The charm of the traditional art form not only attracts a lot of contemporary Chinese, but also fascinates many foreigners.

"Actually, probably the reason that why I enjoy Peking Opera so much, myself being from America, when I was in America as a small child, I heard the Peking Opera, it made me think of China, the country of China, so I think the reason I like it the most is that to me, it is China, it's the culture of China, when you think of Peking Opera, it actually tells of a lot stories of Chinese lives, what is life like living in China. I like it because it tells me something about China. But most foreigners usually, we typically, can't understand what is singing, but I found that if I watch the Peking opera, I watch...

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