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Nuclear Issues and Nuclear Disarmament
2005-7-4 9:15:02     
People in the Know this time looks into the nuclear issue.

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First Iran C where people have chosen a new leader -- Shahram Tabrizi, "If we are going to see some changes, the changes will be Iran trying to start again enriching uranium."

Then in the Korean Peninsula C where we might have seen fresh hopes.
Lee Sang Seok: "It's very much likely that the six-way talks could resume in a month's time, possible this month in July."

And finally, the world nuclear disarmament region, as 911 may be perceived as an excuse for policy change.
Lin Kuo-Chung: "The United States might restart its nuclear testing in the near future."Three guest speakers analyze the issue from three different angles and try to predict the unpredictable.


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