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CNOOC's Acquisition Bid
2005-7-11 9:18:36     
People in the Know talks to CNOOC Chairman and CEO Fu Chengyu to discuss why he wrote the article "Why is America Worried?"We also talk to Newsweek and Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson to discuss his article "Let's Stay Out of This Fight".

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The leader of China's oil company CNOOC assures Americans that its merger offer with Unocal is purely a commercial matter.

Fu, "The company, as a public, the first driving force is economics.  Whatever we do, we need to make sure that we add value to our shareholders."

An American energy analyst says there's no need to worry the proposed deal.

Samuelson,"You can see that even if Unocal stopped producing tomorrow for the United States, it would have an effect but it would be fairly small."


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