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A place Abundant in Jade
2005-6-8 10:00:59     
Although small in size, Hetian is fairly famous worldwide as a strategically important town along the ancient silk road, join China Horizons  to learn more about Hetian, its past glories and present prosperity.
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We first set off to Hetian, an ancient city in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. A strategically important town along the ancient silk road,  Hetian witnessed one of history's greatest commercial routes.

As the host country of 2008 Olympics, China is improving its ability to deal with terrorism. We attended a recently held exhibition in Beijing, where we discovered some cutting edge anti-terror technology, as displayed by various Chinese companies.

Finally, we'll follow our reporter Liao Jibo to Yunnan, and share his pleasant travel experiences in our travel show "on the road".

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