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Taiwan students on the Mainland

2005-6-3 10:14:22     
We will first meet a number of students from Taiwan talking about their lives on campus life in universities on the Mainland. Then we will travel to Weifang, a city in eastern China famous for its kite making and flyingfabulous kites! For all that and more, join us for Life in China this Friday.

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More and more students from Taiwan are choosing to study in schools on the Chinese Mainland. As many as 6,000 students from Taiwan are enrolled here at the moment. Today we will go to campuses around the country to meet some of those students.

On a fine spring day, flying kites in the open air is a great way to spend one's leisure time. Kite-flying is an enormously popular pastime in China. You can see people flying kites of all kinds in Tian-an-men Square in the center of Beijing and other open areas of the city. It's a trademark city sight!

Weifang is a world of kites. Row upon row of kite shops and kite peddlers line the city's streets. High in the sky, you can see fabulous kites every hour of the day, in all shapes and sizes: birds, animals, insects, flowers and fish are common designs. Pictures relating to folk and fairy tales are also printed on the surface of kites......

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