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Careers and Life Chosen Over Children by China's DINKs
2005-6-29 9:28:44     
We look at the consequences of the growing trend of childless couples in China, also look at the latest efforts to find a cure for AIDS and in our regular travel segment we go "On the Road" to Mount Taishan, in Shandong Province.
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To have a child or not? That's the question currently puzzling many young couples in China. The idea of being a DINKY couple, which stands for "double income no kids", may already be common in many others nations, but in China it represents a huge shift. At the same time, the shift has already begun, with a steady growth in the number of urban Chinese DINKs in recent years. Let's follow Yao Yongmei to the eastern city of Nanjing, and find out why many young couples are choosing to put their family planning on hold.

We will also check in on the latest efforts to use traditional Chinese medicine in the fight against AIDS.

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