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US-Japan and US-China Ties
2005-6-27 9:27:52     
People in the Know looks into the United States' relations with Japan and China.

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Washington says it backs Tokyo's UN ambition, the message?  No problem you get a permanent seat on the Security Council, but please, no veto power, and you got to give up the plan you sponsor with Brazil, India and Germany.


Shen: "The U.S. could not say no to Japan as Japan has been cooperating with the U.S. strategically worldwide.  And the U.S. needs to reward Japan."

Then relations with Beijing C Very complicated, and it depends on what issue we are talking about. 

Carpenter: "China's seen both as a rapidly rising economic power and a potential economic competitor to the United States and perhaps a strategic rival as well."

So US-Japan and US-China, I find them interesting topics but difficult to say for sure, but NOT to my two guest speakers.


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