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A visit to a Taiwan commodities fair in Xiamen
2005-6-10 10:09:25     
We'll first visit a local fair in Xiamen, eastern China, selling commodities from Taiwan. Then we'll hear some stories from elderly folks in Beijing about their lives in the city.
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"Dadeng Island, Xiamen and Jinmen Island, Taiwan are very close to each other. The nearest point between the two islands is only 1.8 kilometers. These are good conditions for conducting business between the two sides. But due to some historical and political reasons, as well as to a lack of effective management, many trading activities are illegal. The aim of setting up this bazaar is to facilitate the trade between the two sides in a legal way"......

"I'm from Taiwan. I came to Xiamen in 2002 and have lived here ever since then. I am here to do business. The things I sell are all from Taiwan. They include shower gel and shampoo, cosmetics, small house-hold appliances and articles of everyday use. Our long term aim is to become involved in the logistics business"......

79 year-old Tan Jianzhou and his wife live in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian, in Liaoning province, northeastern China. Although the city has dozens of rest homes, the couple still insists on living in their own apartment. Tan says he enjoys the freedom he has at home."I feel really free to go around in my own apartment, and also I'm quite comfortable with dining, watching television and listening to the radio. Rest homes do have TVs but I can't watch it just by myself. I love watching football late at night which is impossible in rest homes"......

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