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China Cancels meeting with Japanese PM
2005-5-30 9:31:06     
A scholar in Beijing says China had to cancel a high level meeting with the Japanese prime minister; a journalist in Seoul says disputes involving Japan and South Korea are further damaging the fragile relationship; and a politician in Tokyo finds it a mystery... Join People in the Know.
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Why did China cancel a meeting with the Japanese leader?
Zha: "Koizumi changed the bottom line of his China policy."

How have Japan's attitudes affect its relations with South Korea?
Fic: "The 2005 year of mutual friendship has somehow gone downhill."

And what these issues mean to Japan's UN ambition.
Kono: "If Prime Minister understands the situation, tries to be more friendly to neighboring countries, it would help our bid to the Security Council a little bit."

People in Know looks into the disputes between Japan and its neighbors.

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