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China's Fight against TB
2005-4-5 18:06:43
We look at the alarming spread of Tuberculosis in China, then tackle the difficult issue of sexual harassment in China and look at efforts to pass the country's first sexual harassment laws. Finally, we visit the picturesque Wuyi Shan region in Fujian Province.

We look at the difficult issue of Tuberculosis. Once a killer, the development of effective treatment lead to a rapid decline in death rates. But TB is back and again posing a serious threat to public health.
China is one of 22 countries listed by the World Health Organization as seriously affected by Tuberculosis. We examine the current situation with TB in China and the efforts to curb its spread.

You can also hear our travel section, ^On the Road ̄, which takes us to, the picturesque Wuyi Shan. So join us on China Horizons.

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