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People in the Know: Japan and Its Neighbors
2005-4-11 9:20:45
How do we look at the growing popular resentment in Northeast Asia? Who's right and who's wrong over Japan's history position and future ambition?

My four guest speakers differ on history and but not entirely on future, as they look into the growing resentment in East Asia. The key questions -- whether Japan is now qualified to take a permanent seat at the UN Security Council, whether we have really resolved the history issue and whether it's time to look forward.

Welcome to People in the Know, on China Radio International, or on I'm Lin Shaowen.

History still hurts.  As Japan revised its school textbooks, its neighbors accused it of whitewashing its past atrocities. 

History still casts a shadow.  As Japan campaigns for a permanent position in the UN Security Council, there's a counter-campaign, saying you are not qualified. 

And there are other disputes C over territory for example -- also left over in history.  All lead to angry voices.
What's it all about?  I first talk to Mr. Victor Fic, CBS correspondent in Seoul.    
(Dialogue with Fic)
Now some views in Japan as I talk to Mr. Ali Saleh Itani in Tokyo.  This Lebanese gentleman is a political advisor for the Japanese parliament on Japan-Arab cooperation projects. 
(Dialogue with Itani)
Then a Korean voice.  Professor Chung Min Lee works with the Graduate School of International Studies at the Seoul-based Yongsei University.  He is now giving lectures in Tokyo. 
(Dialogue with Lee)
Finally, I talk to a Chinese scholar.  Professor Pang Zhongying is Director of the Global Studies Institute at Nankai University in Tianjin. 
(Dialogue with Pang)
In Europe last year, leaders from old adversaries gathered in Normandy, France to mark the 60th anniversary of D-Day landing.  They have long waved goodbye to bitter chapter in history.  

But this year in Asia, as countries in the Pacific Rim commemorate their 60th anniversary of the end of World War II on the Pacific Theater, they still cannot agree on history.  

With that we end this edition of People in the Know, on China Radio International, or on   For my colleague Hong Chuan, this is Lin Shaowen.  Bye for now.

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