Tianjin Ya Pears
2004-7-16 14:42:41    
Noted for their regular shape and yellow fresh color, Tianjin Ya Pears are widely produced in the fertile plain and hilly areas of Hebei except Tangshan and Chengde Administrative Regions.
Among the eight administrative regions, Jiaohe County, Shulu County and Ningjin County produce the best quality pears. Pears in Hebei were originally exported by Tianjin export companies, thus bearing the name "Tianjin Ya Pears." Ya pears have a thin skin and a fine pulp. They are sweet, juicy and fairly crisp. Water content is 87%, soluble sugar content 10-11%. Protein, carbohydrate and multivitamins are also contained. They can be used as a kind of medicine. It is recorded that Ya pears, being sweet and juicy, are effective on moistening the lung, stopping a dry cough, cooling the body and dispelling the effects of alcohol.
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