Shadow Boxing
2004-7-16 10:08:36
Taijiquan is the perfect combination of Chinese dialectical theoretical method of thinking, martial arts(wushu), traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese Qigong and the methods of conducting qi .It is the culture of human body at an advanced level.

The theory of taijiquan derived from such classic works of traditional Chinese philosophy, medicine, martial arts as The Book of Changes,The Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine, Canon of the Yellow Yard, New Book of Summaries,etc,and it has assimilated the quintessence of Taonism, Confucianism, Buddhism in its long period of development. Thus, it is a kind of philosophical Chinese boxing, having its functions in strengthening the body , preserving health and the art of attack and defense in wushu, closed connected to natural sciences and social sciences. It has long been regarded as the "national essence" of China.

The features of the exercise of Taijiquan : moderate, steady, safe, comfortable, light,nimble,round, lively, loose, gentle, even, having its sequence in the stretching out and brewing back, both vigorous and flexible,with the continuous appearance of floating clouds and flowing water.The exercise of Taijiquan is natural and elegant.

In exercising Taijiquan, you can experience the rhyming of music, the connotation of philosophy, and the beauty in its modeling, the artistic conception of poetry. In its hi gh-level treat, the diseases are removed and you are brought back to heath both physically and mentally. At the present, many scientific research institutions are doing researches in Taijiquan in the field of medicine , physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, psychology and mechanics. Evidence suggests that Taijiquan has very good curative effects in the preven tion and cure of old-age tumble, hypertension, heat disease, lung disease, liver disease, arthritis, stomach and intestines problem s, neurosis, osteomalacia and other chronic disease.Taijiquan especially Yang-style Taijiquan,with its simple procedure routines and easy-doing gestures, is well received by people all over the world.

Taijiquan, handed down for hundreds of years, is the treasure of Chinese tradtional wushu. Now, it has Yang style taijiquan, Wu style taijiquan, Sun style taijiquan etc..It sources from Chenjiagou, Wei county, Henan Province.Chenjiagou lies in Qingfengling, east of Wei County. In 1372, Chen Bu settled in there. Mr. Chen sumed up pugilistic art; and invented movenments of taiji boardsword, sword,spear, cudgel etc. These movenments are on the basis of taiji from stactic to dynamic. So it became the embryo of taijiquan.

Ma Hong, the ninettenth generation of Chen style taijiquan, born in Shen County, Hebei Province, is vice president of Hebei Shijiazhaung Wushu society, director of Shijiazhuang Chen Style Taijiquan Institute,general teacher of Jiangxi Chen Style Taijiquan Institute; vice sectary of Wen County International Taijiquan Orgnization, one of famous autority of thirteen taijiquan artists in China.

Graduated in 1948, Ma Hong wes devoted to teaching for a long time so his health was poor. Thus he began to exercise taijiquan. In 1972, he went to Beijing to learn taijiquan from Chen Zhaokui, the eighteenth generation of Chen style taijiquan. After many years learning, he grasped all the essence of taijiquan.

In 1982, Ma Hong founded "Chen Style Taijiquan Research Institute . At the same year, he was invited to United States to have lecture. He published more than thirty papers and pubished The Internal work of Chen Style Taijiquan,Attacking Skill of Taijiquan, The principle of Chen Style Taijiquan etc..The video disk recorded by Ma Hong has been spred more than twenty provinces and foreign countries. Now, using the three books and video disks, he gives a correspondence to abroad.


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