The Writing Brush of Hengshui
2004-7-15 17:11:39    
Hengshui has abounded in writing brushes from ancient times.

It has always enjoyed the title of "a sacred place of writing brushes". The main producing area-Houdian Group was also called "a land of writing brushes". On the third day of every third lunar month, some people of Hengshui gathered happily together to commemorate the initiator of writing brushes-Mengtian. According to the account of relevant documents, Magtian of Qin Dynasty (221-206b.c.) firstly used the fine long hair of rabbits to write. And the date was just the third day of the third lunar month.
During Guangxu period of Qing Dynasty, Li wenkui of Hengshui opened a brush store in Beijing. A court eunuch interested in calligraphy becomes his sworn brother. The eunuch often bought Li's brushes to the emperor and they were in good graces.The writing brush of Hengshui is of excellent workmanship and fine quality. Its tip is made of choice animal soft hair with good resilience and toughness. So the tip is noted for its right toughness and resilience, rich ink and the durability. The shaft is mostly made of the bamboo in South china, including the black bamboo, the mottled bamboo, the rare mahogany, etc. The ends are mainly sealed with ivory, bone, horn, bamboo or wood carving, This make the brushes more exquisite.
There are varies kinds of writing brushes with beautiful decoration. Only Houdian group has produced more than 170 new kinds, e.g. Fengyun, Shuiyue, Guyu, etc. Among There, the relief of dragons, famous persons and poems added glories to the writing brushes.



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