Folk Arts
2004-7-15 14:07:35    
Hebei Province, one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation, lies on the middle and lower basin of Yellow River. It's also the only one province that has the plain, prairie, plateau, mountains, lakes and seashores at the same time. Due to its long history, brilliant culture and favorable natural condition, it has formed a colorful and various folk arts.

Folk arts of Hebei Province, such as local operas, folk vocal art forms, folk songs and dance, country traditional music, folk fine arts, characteristic crafts, Cangzhou Martial arts and Wuqiao Acrobatics, enjoy a great fame at home and abroad. All of these arts show the Chinese cultural tradition from different aspects. They all originate from the folk lives. Some are carried from the history; Some are transplanted from outside; And some bring forth new ideas in a new form. At last, these folk arts which are well received by the people have formed a marked local feature. They not only make a strong impact in the history, but also have a continuous artistic vitality till now.กกกก

In the historical development of folk arts of Hebei Province, they not only are effective for the people to mould their sentiment, entertain their bodies and minds, express their feelings and communicate their thoughts, but also make a historic contribution to social development of Hebei. After 1949, folk arts of Hebei Province were systematized comprehensively and entered the period of all-round rejuvenation. And these arts which are added the feature of new times have been vigorous since 1978. At present, with the development of society, science and culture, folk arts of Hebei Province and its special artistic charm are to condense the people, build a healthy spiritual surroundings, promote the communication between Chinese and foreign culture and give service to the economic development. All in all, they play a social role in developing the politic, economy and culture in the great aim of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.

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