Xuanhua Grapes
2004-7-16 15:00:25    
Xuanhua, known as "the Grape Town" in the ancient time, is famous for its grapes.
There are up to 15 varieties of grapes with different flavors. Among them, Niunai Grape is the outstanding kind.

Oval shaped like cow's nipple, the grape is characterized by its thin skin, thick pulp and fragrant sweetness. Superb in quality and large in size(the biggest cluster of grapes weighs over 2 kilos) , it had been a tribute to the royal family in the Qing Dynasty.

In 1909, it won the Honor Prize at International Agricultural Produce Exhibition in Panama. Since 1950s, the grape has been for sale in Hong Kong and Macao markets. In addition, Xuanhua Grapes are good material for making good wines. Made from Xuanhua Longyan Grape by Great Wall Wine Making Corporations, the Dry White Wine is one of high grade drinks for national banquets and other important feasts.

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