Shenzhou Honey Peaches
2004-7-16 13:59:55    
Shenzhou Honey Peaches have been produced in Shenzhou County (now upgraded as Shenzhou City) for over 2000 years. Being the best peaches produced in North China, they became famous long ago.
Lying in the old course of Hutuo River, the county has a sandy soil. The ground water is shallow and sweet. The climate is temperate. All these are quite suitable for the growing of the peaches.

With a large size (each weighs 500g or so)and a fine shape, the Shenzhou Honey Peaches have thin skin and fine pulp.  They had been tributes to the royal courts and shared only by mandarins. The honey peaches have a dozen varieties, such as the red honey peaches and the white honey peaches. Among them, the red honey peaches are the best.

Superior geographical location and temperate climate are favorable conditions, but the excellent skills of the growers play a key role in the production. From shaping the trees, pruning the branches and thinning flowers to watering and manuring the trees, and to picking and shipping the fruits, the growers have a complete set of methods of their own. They use organic manures like sesame paste and bean cakes for their trees. They control the water supply in accordance with the different growing phase of the trees. Each peach is wrapped up in a paper bag from the very beginning, thus protecting the peach from overheat or over cold, and from insect pests. These measures ensure to the growers a bumper harvest of high quality peaches.

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