Qinhuangdao Shell Carving
2004-7-16 8:32:49    
Qinghuangdao shell carving is handicraft made of spiral shell produced in sea beach, which is on the basis of traditional spiral shell inlay skill
Absorb the strong points of ivory carving and woodcarving, the craftsmen of Qinhuangdao No.1 Arts and Crafts Plant form their unique style. They carve all kinds of witty picture appearances of relief style. The peaks rising one higher than another, the old cypresses and pines the floating clouds and flowing water, the jeweled palace and pavilions, all these are of primitive simplicity and strong, natural and full of poetic flavor.
The shell carving picture, Beidaihe River Fisherman's Song, put all the green water and hills, the scenic spots and historical sites into its picture. The flowers, birds, grass were carved vividly the characters of some classical novels, plays were carved lifelike.
Qinhuangdao shell carving picture is formed after the craftsmen's hard work. Using the natural color, grain and shape of the shell, according to the design requirements, they cut. Polish and inlay. Thus, a shell-carving picture is finished. Its technology is very fine, and its decoration is beautiful.

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