Quyang Stone Carving
2004-7-15 19:57:52    
Quyang stone carving has a long history and high technique, as a result, the county of Quyang also claims the title of "the home of Carving". 
Quyang Carving originated during the Han Dynasty and thrived  Tang Dynasty(618-960). Quyang sculpture made of white marble is widely used in kiosk and palace etc. White marble sculpture in many of palace are treasure cultural relic. Jinshui Bridge in Beijing was planed and constructed by Yang Qiong, a master in Quyang. Many buildings such as ten buildings in Beijing, Mao Zedong Memory Museum condensed Quyang artists' intelligence.

At present, Quyang Carving has many types, the main products are west-style statues such as ancient beautiful women, figure of Buddha, Guanyin, fruit, figure, flower, animals, folk stories, east-style such as figures, fountain, animals and other architectural carving under three serials of Yard Carving, relief sculpture. Its materials is white marble, granite, jade. etc. The color has white, black, yellow, red, gray etc.
(Photos: http://www.hebeitour.cn/yzwh/mttc/xiangxi.php?id=48
Text: http://www.hebei-window.com/folkart/stonework/indexe.htm )
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