Zhuozhou Tapestry
2004-7-15 18:14:38    
Zhuozhou Tapestry is also called the golden tapestry of Zhuo County. It is renowned at home and abroad for its primitive and elegant style, novel and colorful designs, exquisite techniques and consummate skill.

The Tapestry sells swell in more than 20 distant countries and regions, and enjoys great prestige on the international markers. Ups to now, 300 superior quality tapestries have gained the golden up of Chinese Baihua arts and crafts prize.
The golden tapestry has a history of over 2,000 years. It is especially for the use of emperors and their relations in ancient times. At that time, the tapestries were woven by pure natural silk, golden and silver thread. And they were splendid, bright-colored with long hairs.
Carrying on the Chinese traditional techniques, the old handicraftsmen of Zhuozhou Golden Tapestry Factory created two new unique kinds, which are with new and tasteful approach, free and easy style, vigorous and well-knit composition, exquisite and magnificent color. The two kinds have reached the world's most advanced level; they also gain the name of "the provincial best brands of products" and "high-quality products of light industry".


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