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Mechanical Industry
Hebei zhongqiu group
No.6411 Factory of Chinese People, a Liberation Army

Baoding Machine Tool Factory

Hebei Province Botou City Gear Pump General Plant

Metallurgical Industry
Lianwang industrial and commercial group co.,ltd. of tangshan city
Tangshan Municipal Jinxi Iron and Steel Group Company

Laiyuan County Metallurgical Industry General Company

Xingtai Mining Industrial Group Xiandewang Diversified Economic Company

Textile & Clothing
Tangshan Jacquard Fabric Factory
Hebei Benya Garment Manufacture Croup Co., Ltd

Exotic Flower In The Garden Of The Latest Eashion-Splendid

Hebei Human Clothing And Textile Co., Ltd

Hebei Meilin Textile Co., Ltd

Medical Industry
Tangshan Pharmaceutical Industry Group
Jintong Corporation of Pharmacy chemicals

Agricultural Development
Hebei jidai cotton seed technique co.,ltd
Hebei tangshan state grains warehouse

State-operated Qingfeng Farm

Seed Group Company of Hebei Province

State-operated Yudaokou Grazing Land in Hebei Province

Building & Real Estate
Shijiazhuang yindu real estate development co.,ltd
Kuancheng Manchu Autonomous County Construction Project Company

Chgngde Real Estate Development Company

Energy Resources
Xiahuayuan power station
Xingtai power plant

Fuel general company of cang zhou city,hebei province
A Brilliant, Jewel Beside Luanhe River-Luanhe Power Plan
A Brilliant Pearl in Mountain Area-no.150 Power Plant 
Electronic Industry
Huanghua zhengda circuit board factory
Light Industry
Yaohua glass group company of china
Hebei hangyu group

Tangshan city xingda paper mill

Qiuxian county paper making mill

Hebei Baoshuo Group co., ltd

Hebei Gaoyi Medicine Packing co.,ltd

Transferring Mechanism and Establishing New One to Increase Vigorous, Getting New Life After Bankruptcy and Rebuilding-Xinglong Paper Products Plant of Linxi County Rising in Reformation

Chemical Industry
Baoding xinxing chemicals and coatings co.,ltd
Hengshui youli meticulous chemistry co.,ltd

Hebei Cangzhou Dahua Group Co.,Ltd

Tangshan Chaoyang Chemical Industry General Factory

Hebei Jiehong Pigment Chemical Co., Ltd

Coal Chemical Industry co., ltd. of Wu'an City

Food & Fodder
Tangshan United european & Haomen Brewery Co.,Ltd
Hebei baoding longfei group co.,ltd

Tangshan municipal guantoushan winery

Hebei Three Star Starch Co., Ltd

Hebei Tianyi Oil Co.,Ltd

Tanghai County Haichang Fodders Co., ltd

Building Meterials
Tangshan hongda building materials co.,ltd
Tangshan guangjian plastics group corporation

Tangshan jujin plastic general company

Baoding qingyuan industrial and commercial co.,ltd

Baoding Deyuan White Cement Co., Ltd

Wuqiang County City and Township Construction Comprehensive Development Company

Hebei shiqing expressway co.,ltd
Baoding sanfeng fuel co.,ltd

Flourishing chengde heating power

Chengde power supply company

Municipal Administration Construction General Company of Tangshan City

Tangshan Rolling Stock Factory

Waterworks of Tangshan City

Hebei Xinle Municipal construction General Company

Communication & Transportation
Cangzhou communications and transportation (group)co.,ltd
Zhangjiakou transportation group co.,ltd

Baoding transportation general company of hebei province

Hengshui Transportation General Company

Hebei jinshan gtoup corporation
Chengde Auction Firm

Chengde Hardware, Communicational Electrical Appliances Chemical Products Group Co., Ltd

Supply and Marketing Cooperative of Yutian County



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